NimbleSleeve Silicone Protective Apple Pencil 1st Generation


Designed with convenience and style in mind, NimbleSleeve makes it easier to use your 1st generation Apple Pencil. With NimbleSleeve you can maintain the slim profile of your Apple Pencil and enjoy added comfort during your creative tasks. The faceted silicone surface adds an elegant touch while protecting against scratches and scuffs. And the considered pocket design lets you charge your Apple Pencil without losing the cap (we know how easy it is to lose it).

  • Premium soft silicone provides added comfort and grip
  • Matching charging adapter tether included
  • Interior surface finish keeps NimbleSleeve in place
  • Faceted pattern prevents the Apple Pencil from rolling and provides better control
  • Dust-free soft-touch coating reduces lint attraction
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Apple Pencil: Apple Pencil Gen 1

Apple Pencil

Color: Black