GhostBlanket™ Screen Protection Liner for MacBooks



Designed to prevent keyboard imprints and oil transfer when closed, GhostBlanket is the solution to maintaining a pristine MacBook screen. Its high-density microfiber blend offers superior tear-resistance and durability while maintaining an ultra-thin profile. Use it to easily wipe away dust and smudges and preserve the premium look of your laptop.

  • Made with a premium, high-density microfiber blend
  • Helps prevent oil transfer from keyboard to screen and clean other contaminants
  • GhostBlanket fits many similarly sized laptops from Dell, HP, and Microsoft. Compare our product dimensions to your laptop to ensure a proper fit
  • Thickness: 0.4mm (0.016 in.)
  • Dimensions:
    MacBook Air/Pro 13" and 14": 11.4 x 7.3 in.
    MacBook Pro 15"/16": 13.2 x 8.4 in.
  • Fitting: this product is designed to cover the keyboard area and sized universally to eliminate interference with closing the laptop screen. This product is not designed to fit exactly to particular screen size and shape. Appearance on different laptop may vary.

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